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Wentworth Landscapes

From bland to strong brand

Scott Wentworth’s company built beautiful landscapes for clients in and around Kingston and Prince Edward County, but its marketing efforts made it look small and unsophisticated. Over the better part of a decade, we helped Wentworth effectively communicate the excellent work it does, grow the company, and build an industry-leading team.
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A company on a mission

Since 1991, Scott Wentworth’s mission is to design well-crafted outdoor spaces that get people outside more, enjoying their landscapes and improving their overall health and well-being. The company had a lot going for it — strong leadership, a well-defined mission, and breathtakingly beautiful work — but its brand looked more like a mom & pop shop than a successful, thriving business. They sought to grow significantly as an organization and asked our help to build a brand that would last and propel them toward their goals.

A dramatic rebrand

The first thing we did was recommend they remove “Scott” from the company’s name. This would make it less of a one-person brand and make it easier to pass on to future generations. We then rebranded the company which included a new logo and colour palette that evokes nature and is bold, vibrant and fun… a radical shift from their previous look.


Focus on lifestyle

Their new brand is a true representation of who they are. We helped clarify their mission, vision and values and redesigned their website. It focuses heavily on lifestyle imagery that shows people enjoying their time outside, creating a colourful, lively and informative platform that shows potential clients who they are and what they do. Check it out for yourself!

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Building trust through word of mouth

We helped them create a series of customer testimonial videos, giving their clients the opportunity to speak openly about their experience working with Wentworth landscapes. Hearing from satisfied clients directly and receiving their recommendations helps build trust with potential clients.

Overcoming a major hurdle

One of the biggest challenges Wentworth faced was their location — Prince Edward County is a beautiful community, but it offers a small pool of talent when it comes to hiring landscape professionals. In order to grow they would need to appeal to applicants in other communities.

They already had an amazing culture, so we created a targeted recruitment campaign to effectively communicate that to potential employees and encourage them to relocate.

A booming business

In the first five years of working with us, Wentworth more than doubled their annual revenue, going from 4.1 million and climbing steadily to 9.4 million. 

They now have a strong brand that positions them effectively, brings in targeted clientele and attracts top talent from across Ontario and beyond.

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