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Cedar Springs Landscape Group

From backyard startup to business leader

Cedar Springs offers luxury, resort-like landscapes for families who love spending time outdoors. Company president Adrian Bartels attributes much of Cedar Springs’ growth to its investment in marketing and effective storytelling.
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Uncharted territory

This was a big challenge for Cedar Springs, but also a great opportunity. When they came to us fifteen years ago, the internet was fairly new and no one in the industry had a strong online presence. 

With our help, Cedar Springs pushed the envelope on what a landscaping website could be, including relevant content and a solid portfolio of professional photography. They were also the first to invest in their brand, understand how to tell their story and get their message in front of their ideal clients.

Becoming home resort experts

Years ago we helped Cedar Springs position itself as the premier supplier of five-star backyard retreats. Inspired by tourism marketing, we helped create the "Get Away, Every Day" tagline that invites homeowners to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and kick back in a luxurious oasis, right outside their back door.

Keeping it fresh

Over the years, we've helped Cedar Springs evolve their identity and maintain a fresh and attractive look that attracts the eye and is in line with the incredible lifestyle product they offer.


A stunning online experience

Their look is not the only thing that has continued to evolve…we've also helped Cedar Springs reinvent their website throughout the years. 

Today they have a stunning online experience with a rich library of featured projects, videos highlighting their work, an interactive project pricing tool and an in-depth recruitment page with interactive careers paths. Check it out for yourself!

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Attracting the best and brightest

A business can’t grow without talented people, and Cedar Springs is no exception. 

We helped them with several campaigns over the years — the first clients to invest in large-scale recruitment in a meaningful way. Since then we've helped position them as a top-tier employer attracting top-talent.

Growth through marketing and effective storytelling

By paying attention to current trends — and pivoting when necessary — we will help Cedar Springs continue to evolve, grow and change.

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