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Cedar Springs Launches Landscape Calculator

Recently I had the privilege of hearing Adrian Bartels of Cedar Springs Landscape Group speak at the Landscape Ontario Contractor Lecture Series in Toronto. It was interesting to hear him explain the history of the company and the trajectory of their growth. The waltz down memory lane was also very rewarding for me personally.

Our relationship with Cedar Springs has been a long and fruitful one. Adrian submits that the work our company does played a big part in their growth and success to date. Hearing him speak so positively about our relationship and the work we do made me even more grateful for the team of pros that I get to work with every day. Later while we stood around chatting over drinks someone quipped that I might owe Adrian a couple bucks for his glowing testimonial but he graciously insisted that we had earned it.

Like any relationship, it takes two to tango and Cedar Springs has also been a great client for us. Later in the evening John K. Szczepaniak commented that “Great landscapes are always a collaboration between an adventurous client, a creative designer and a responsive contractor.” We couldn’t agree more. Much the same is true for marketing. A successful brand or campaign is always a collaboration between an adventurous client, a creative mind and a talented team of skilled artists.

The adventurous leaders at Cedar Springs Landscape Group have repeatedly invited us to do our best work. Their website continues to be the standard by which landscape contractor websites are measured. Never content to sit still, Cedar Springs continues to innovate and push the envelope in a very competitive market. Our latest collaboration is pushing the envelope once again.

This past week we launched their Landscape Calculator. Visitors to the Cedar Springs website can now choose from an extensive but well-organized menu of landscape components and get a pretty good idea of what they’ll need to budget to make their dream a reality. It’s a bold move. I don’t know of many other companies willing to be that up front with their pricing. But it’s all part of a confident business strategy that educates customers, manages expectations, and ensures a good fit.

The tool itself is super easy and rather fun to use. Check it out!

Written by Jason Bouwman, RGD

March 17, 2014