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Creative Director, Marketing

Walter Drexl, RGD

Creative Director, Marketing

Walter joined Compass' marketing team in 2023 after holding various senior positions in the creative industry. He has developed and managed numerous successful design projects for small, local firms to large international organizations and has been instrumental in creating several award-winning projects. Each assignment he works on is carefully thought out and executed with precision and attention to detail.

Walter is originally from Austria, where he refined his design skills before moving to Canada some time ago. For over ten years, he held the position of creative director at one of Canada’s largest investment firms, where he managed their in-house design team. He also built a successful creative firm from the ground up with an impressive roster of international clients.

Walter was one of the very first and, at that point, one of Canada's youngest certified Registered Graphic Designers (RGD). He will only say he was certified in the previous millennium; we’ll leave it at that.

Like many creatives, he is curious, passionate, and thirsty for knowledge. Walter is always eager to explore new ideas and try anything once. He believes life is meant to be lived, explored and experienced.

Besides a passion for beauty and design, Walter has many other interests. He is into fitness, plays hockey regularly, and loves road cycling and gravel riding, running and skiing, to name a few. He dabbles in real estate and wishes he could find the time to learn a few more skills like painting, photography, guitar playing, and speaking Spanish. When he does find an extra hour here and there, you can find him riding his cruiser into the sunset, most likely with a bug or two between his teeth.

Walter and his wife Audrey live in Mississauga with their two adult children and their dog Beau. They plan to eventually relocate to Grimsby, where they own a property near the lake, five minutes from our studio.