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Administration & Accounting

Tamara Alkema

Administration & Accounting

Tamara began working at Compass the day after New Years in 2017. She’s a quiet and steady presence here in the office, providing stability and grounding so that our creativity doesn’t get too out of hand.

Before Compass, Tamara spent nearly 30 years working at her family’s greenhouse operation in Grimsby. She’s comfortable wearing many hats, whether they’re financial, managerial, or administrative ones!

Whether she’s sending or receiving mail, answering the phone, greeting clients, or allowing our guests to feel welcome and at home, Tamara plays a huge role in Compass running so smoothly. Did we mention that she’s also a Quickbooks ninja? Tamara makes sure our clients have all the info they need for projects, ensuring that everything is accounted for and communicated clearly… Oh, and she makes sure that we get paid every other Friday. That’s nice too.

Tamara adamantly despises coffee, which intrigues nearly everyone else in the office. She prefers to get her daily dose of caffeine from an assortment of teas in the kitchen. When she’s not at work, she loves to dote on her nieces and nephews. Just kidding — she does that during working hours, too. She’s also passionate about scrapbooking, photography, reading and cooking!