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Brand Messaging Strategist

Alex Busch

Brand Messaging Strategist

When our clients say, “You just said what we’ve been trying to say!” it always makes Alex smile. As our Brand Messaging Strategist, he loves helping business owners discover their ‘why’ and bring clarity to their stories and messaging.

Alex holds a Bachelor of Sport Management from Brock University and was the Executive Director of a sports ministry called "Reach Forth" and a Director of Discipleship with LIFT Church, a ministry specifically geared toward university students. He learned how important it is to know what motivates you and how to communicate complex concepts in a simple and engaging way — both valuable assets in his current role.

Alex met Jason many years ago and always admired the work Compass did and the way they treated people — so he was thrilled when their paths crossed once again and he was given the opportunity to join the team. He found Compass’ mission — to redeem the stories told in the marketplace — refreshing and immediately felt at home.

Alex is a self-proclaimed internal processor, so don’t be fooled by his quiet nature! The wheels are always turning and he is keenly aware of everything going on around him. He loves to learn and share information with others, whether it’s discussing scripture or giving nerdy explanations of football strategy to anyone willing to listen.

Outside of work Alex loves spending time with his wife Rachel, his new baby son Arthur and their dog Eddie. He enjoys reading and has recently gotten into running. Fall is his favourite time of year, and you can often find him pacing in front of the T.V. Sunday afternoons rooting for his beloved Green Bay Packers. He also loves Disney movies and has an embarrassingly deep repertoire of quotes from The Office.